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Giacomo Federici

Giacomo Federici

Rome. Class 1981.

Photography, a passion developed a few years ago and that has been able to conquer me really in all its forms and with all its colors.

Working for years in information technology, I have always had the opportunity to gain experience with digital processing and editing tools, so my passion for the image did nothing but grow.

Over time it became more and more strong the need for much more research staff and so I made the big jump buying my first digital SLR Canon.

So I gave free rein to my imagination, the creative need, from shooting to post-production, the latter being that, since the advent of the image in digital form, has become a necessary and important as the picture itself.

My creative path was flanked by famous photographers who have made an important technical support to my artistic sensibility.

I am a great travels lover, as I can I go to discover the most beautiful and charming places the world offers, cultures to discover, people to meet. And my portfolio say "Thanks!", because if there is something I love is diving myself in these discoveries, with my precious and inseparable camera always at my side.

In the section PORTFOLIO you can view all of my creative work.

Thank you for the time you spent reading my little personal space!

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